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We are committed to delivering superior ship agency & transport services that enable our business partners to prosper and grow.


The History of Amin Kawar & Sons Shipping Co. began in the most unlikely of places, in the dusty mining grounds of Ruseifa, 15 kilometers northeast of Amman, with late Amin Kawar, a young innovator and a man of many ambitions.

In 1926, the late Amin established the first pharmacy in Amman. By Royal appointment, he later became pharmacist to Emir Abdullah bin Al-Hussein, founder of the Emirate of Trans-Jordan.

Fueled by an avid interest in geology and mining, and reports of oil excavations, Amin began digging for valuable minerals in the hope of bringing wealth to the country. On October 31, 1935, he discovered the phosphate mineral in the railway cuttings adjoining the town of Ruseifa.

Amin’s discovery led to the establishment of the Trans-Jordan Phosphate Company, which by 1939 was exporting to the outside world through the port of Haifa in Palestine. Exports were suspended due to the outbreak of the Second World War.

After the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, phosphate was exported via Beirut and eventually Aqaba. The company, which represents one of the strongest sectors in the Jordanian economy today, continues to exist by the name of Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC) with the government holding majority equity. When Amin Kawar died in 1965, he left his country a legacy, which grew from 300,000 tons to more than 3.5 million tons of phosphate yearly exports today.

In the years that followed, Amin’s son, Tawfiq, left his job as export manager at JPMC, where he established contacts with shipping agents who exported phosphates out of Beirut to Europe. He saw an opportunity for rendering shipping services for the growing sea trade out of and into Aqaba. In 1955, Tawfiq registered Amin Kawar & Sons as shipping agents, and from thereon devoted his career to shipping, and related businesses.

Today, the company, which is dedicated to shipping and related services and is firmly entrenched as the professional agent in Jordan, is part of the Kawar Group of companies, a leading conglomerate of businesses


Our Commitment

Amin Kawar & Sons has always believed that giving back to the community is not only a nice thing to do, but is sound business sense.

One of the initial supports is volunteering for INJAZ - which is an NGO that has been established with the aim of enhancing the skills of youth and increasing their participation in the economy and provide them with the skills required by the job market - to give students professional training that reflects their experience in different fields from leadership, problem-solving, business entrepreneurial, communication and other soft skills.

AKS also supports organizations such as (Save the children, YWCA, Jordan River Foundation, & SOS),and offers mentoring, internships programs to build students' corporate skills, and follows environmentally sound practices such as recycling.

In the future, AKS will team with kawar group to create a fund to support charitable opportunities. AKS believes in community, and in giving back.

Quality & Safety

Since its establishment in 1955; Amin Kawar and Sons Co. W.L.L. (AKS) made a commitment to provide all its clients with high quality services in all aspects of ship agency and shipping services. Meeting or exceeding the requirements agreed with our customers and principals will ever remain the focal point towards which the efforts of management and staff are directed. In 1997 Amin Kawar and Sons (AKS) was the first shipping company in Jordan to achieve ISO 9001:2000.

Quality, safety, and professional high standards have always been a hallmark of AKS.



Quality Policy

As a leading provider of ship agency and ship services, we at Amin Kawar & Sons Co. W.L.L. made a commitment to provide high quality service to all its customers which we believe is significant factor contributing to our company’s progress and towards achieving our goals. We are committed to :