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At Amin Kawar and Sons... We care for the community.

We see Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as both an integral part of our heritage and an essential ingredient of our future success. Therefore, we have always acknowledged the responsibility we have towards developing our community and aim to positively impact and achieve our CSR strategy which is structured around 5 pillars:

loyac community internship

We are very proud of our employees who volunteer in a number of educational activities, where they enhance the skills of students and graduates in public schools and universities, under partnerships with Jordanian organizations such as Loyac & Injaz.

Amin Kawar and Sons also sponsors local junior basketball teams with and has contributed in the building of new basketball courts.

recycle reduce waste

Part of Amin Kawar & Sons’ vision is our commitment to serve the community and contribute to a better world. We focus on minimizing our environmental footprint by a ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ approach to minimize both the waste produced in the business,and recycle the waste generated by our day to day activities.

support cancer patient

Since 1998, we actively support King Hussain Cancer Foundation by supporting several of their programs targeted to raising funds for cancer patients’ treatment, and the “Dreams Come True” program that aims to 
uplift the spirits of pediatric patients (ages 0-18) by fulfilling as many of their dreams as possible and helping to alleviate the pain and stress that they and their families experience during the struggle against cancer. 

diversity gender equality

We are dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion by helping ensure that all people across our workforce, our communities, and our partners feel valued and respected and have equal access to resources, services, and opportunities to succeed.

This is implemented in every aspect of our business, by collaborating with key internal efforts; including Human Resources, Management and employees to help execute the needed policies, practices and behaviors.

World Bank Group's Case study on
AKS' progressive family-friendly policies


Amin Kawar & Sons believes that the growth of the individual will lead to growth of the team and, in turn, to the growth of the company. This sustainable growth will ensure that employees continue to have opportunities to take on new challenges and grow.

This is achieved by investing heavily in the continuous improvement of workplace culture to make employees feel inspired and energized and by offering employees valuable learning opportunities. In addition to that, AKS continues to offer working conditions that contribute to the health and work-life balance of its employees.

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